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kid-thinking1.jpg  Hi, Parents and Students!

Welcome back to piano fun at Miss Nancy Studio! In order to have fun, we have to consider our practice habits. That is what this student is thinking about. Is he going to be a star performer at recital and festival time? Or is he going to be a so-so pianist with no pizazz?

Some suggestions from my experience for effective practice:

  1. Practice every day. Keep your hands acquainted with your pieces. Thirty minutes practice or more is preferable for allotted time, but 15 minutes 2x day or even once a day is better than nothing at all!!!!!!
  2. When you begin practice, go right to the sticky parts you need work on. Then play the entire piece if time permits that day.
  3. Remember your upcoming performance dates, and make them your practice objectives. When is your next recital, and what will you perform? Work on the required pieces.
  4. Do you like an audience? Ask your family members to come listen to you play a piece you have mastered.

Here is an article about the importance of your practice. Please read it with a parent! And discuss!

3 Things Parents Must Tell Their Children When They Begin a Musical Instrument – National Assoc


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