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Summer Activity at Miss Nancy Piano Studio


Bell ringer rehearsal at the National Cathedral

Summer has been a whirlwind of activity for Miss Nancy. In June I had the privilege of attending a rehearsal for bell ringers in the tower at the National Cathedral. Beth Sinclair, their coordinator, gave me the grand tour of the tower, including climbing the steep spiral stairs to watch members unmute the bells after rehearsal so that their ringing could be heard throughout the DC area. Members also explained the art of change ringing, an exciting mathematical group of exercises for bells used especially in England for centuries. I hope to introduce this technique of bell ringing to my handbell group at Friends Church, Friendswood.

Speaking of bell ringing, Victoria Katei, piano and organ student, has joined our bell group and is also interning as an organist for church service. Preparing for university next year, Victoria will be able to earn volunteer hours this way before high school graduation.

Summer piano lessons continue until the first day of school, August 24. Please contact me to arrange some relaxed vacation lessons, and prepare for the new school year! Also, send me some summer photos, especially involving musical activities, so I can post them on this blog!

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