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Get Ready For Gold Cup Festival!

Video of Piano Student playing at Gold Cup FestivalHi, Students and Parents!

Here are a few steps for getting ready for Gold Cup Festival, March 2, 2013.

1. Decide on a practice time for each day. Why not get up early and practice before school? This frees you up for the rest of the day. Remember to practice on weekends, when you have free time.
2. Adjust your seat so you are sitting straight and comfortably, fingers curved at all times! Arms level with the keyboard.
3. Decide on the order of your performance. Do you want to start with the required or choice piece? Then practice in the same order every day.
4.Find your position and count a few measures to set your tempo or speed.
5. Play your piece with the score. Afterwards, play it by memory. Are your notes, your dynamics (loud, soft, crescendo, ritardando) all correct? Is your counting steady without hesitation?
6. If you are having trouble with a passage, check your fingering. It must be the same every time you play your piece.
7. Is your pedaling clear?
8. Is your phrasing clear?
9. Now invite your family and friends to come listen to your performance. Did they like your expression? Your clear chords? Your phrasing? Your special staccato touch? Your graceful ending?
10. Most of all, listen the beautiful music you are playing and enjoy!

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