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Holiday Cheer Coming Up!

I am back, Students and Parents!

What a journey it has been to Scandinavia and Northern Europe. My favorite activity was reuniting with friends and former students.  Pictured below in Germany, is former student Phillip, ready to start a new piece of sheet music. Sister Emma and mother Renate, not pictured, were also there to greet us. Switzerland had its musical moments when I found this G clef sign outside a small music conservatory. A little rest in Varenna, Italy, for 3 days was most welcome in our demanding itinerary. There we were enveloped in aromas of sweet alyssum united with wafts of bubbling pasta sauce as we walked the promenades in Varenna, Italy. Finally, we stopped to see friends in Belgium and again in Germany, where I reunited with former students Marten and Merle. How fun!


Now that lessons have resumed, students Andrew Harrington, Victoria Katei, and Christopher Lancaster are preparing to play in the Jazz /Pop Festival this Saturday 2:30 pm, at Heritage Park Baptist Church, 2732 FM 528, Webster, TX, 77598. All are welcome to hear real jazzy music during several recitals that day.

Remember our Holiday Recital coming up on December 12, 2:30 pm, at Brookdale Senior Living, 1310 Friendswoood Drive South, Friendswood, TX 77546! Playlist will include Christmas carols, classical pieces, and contemporary tunes, both solos and duets. Please bring 1 dozen cookies or small muffins to share for our party afterwards.

Need a musical gift? Miss Nancy Piano Lessons, Stories of a Traveling Piano Teacher will be available at the recital. I look forward to seeing you all at these festive activities that are sure set the mood for our upcoming holidays!


Why Gold Cup?

Recently, the parents of three student recipients of Gold Cups, sponsored by the Gulf Coast Music Association, asked me about the benefits are of continuing to enter the Gold Cup Festivals. The answer is quite clear for those of us teachers who organize our yearly curriculum around the Federation Festivals Bulletin: Both teachers and students have a well defined goal and target date for which to prepare their pieces prescribed by the Federation.

Video of Piano Student playing at Gold Cup Festival

The Federation Bulletin has compiled a thorough program to follow for teachers. It lists each Piano Event, i.e. Piano Solo Event, Piano Ensemble Event, and specific levels, i.e. Primary Class Piano.  What are the parameters of the terms such as  Intermediate and Advanced? In the Bulletin they are listed as Medium and Difficult with sub levels of Moderately Difficult I, Moderately Difficult II, etc. This information is very helpful for teachers who don’t have the time or resources to sift through music at the music stores or online companies to determine the levels of difficulty. In addition, new repertoire ideas are provided throughout the Bulletin, whether they are piano solos, hymns, duets, or patriotic and folk songs

Students benefit from this well prepared Bulletin as well as teachers. There is no guess work whether they are advancing at the proper level. Within the sub levels there are even more levels. For instance, there are some Primary Class Piano pieces more difficult than others. The idea is to stylize the selection to fit the needs of the student. Students will then learn the piece with confidence because the level is adjusted to fit their specific abilities.

The Gold Cup Festival is important in another way. It nudges the student to be ready “judgement day,” when an accredited educator will evaluate their performance.  This is a real motivator,  not just for the student, but for the teacher and parents as well!


Summer Recital …

The Summer Recital 2012 presented by the Miss Nancy Piano Studio students at a local retirement home was a win-win experience for students and residents. Young piano students learned to play for a new audience as retirees reflected happily on their own piano recitals two generations ago. Image

Hello Piano World!

“Knock, knock.”  Hi, I’m Miss Nancy, a piano teacher, and I am here to help you with your questions about your weekly piano lessons with a sprinkling of music fun.. Did you forget how many beats there are in a half note?  Do you know what note is on the second line of the treble clef? What does Da Capo mean? Do you have a musical trick that you use that you would like to share with other piano students? Maybe you know of an upcoming concert that you can recommend to us. There are endless possibilites that this blog offers.  I hope that you will visit me here often for new ideas and information.  

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